CHEF’S TIP: Handling an avocado

I’ve never been vague about who my favourites are and here you are with one of them! Rarely do I get all gooey and gushy around a guest but Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson has me over whipping cream and curdling eggs every time. She’s elegant, articulate, witty and happens to also be a big fan of making being in the kitchen something enjoyable rather than a chore. It is a great honour to have her provide this weeks chef’s culinary goddess tip.

Avocados can be pesky little buggers when it comes to getting them neatly chopped or sliced without them slipping out of your hands. Nigella has just the trick for perfectly scooped balls of avocado and it won’t require any unnecessary kitchen gadget purchases. Use a rounded teaspoon measure to scoop out balls without having to peel away the skin- which also happens to mean that you won’t be left with green fingernails either. Domestic Goddess indeed.

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