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Rice & beans

rice & beans

I’m tucked away in our lodges seating area- away from the rain which is falling harder than I knew was possible. Raining is some what of a regular thing here in costa rica- Monteverde, where we are staying at the moment has four meters a year. Wowza! And this is no London drizzle- this is the heavens opening and buckets of water being chucked down- unrelentingly. When you have a month of holiday though, it’s hard to complain and rain time becomes time to play scrabble, read or plan the next stage of our trip. Anything that avoids us getting our shoes wet again, which take will take another two days to dry.

Apart from rain, the other thing that there is an awful lot of here is rice and beans- often referred to on the menu as typicales. Typical breakfast dish served with eggs, typical lunch dish served with chicken, typical dinner dish…you get the point. And for someone whose always lacked a love-rice tooth, i’m pretty smitten with this typical combination.  I never thought I’d smile at the choice of rice, let alone for breakfast but I’m not far off an admission of love. Not, that i’m going to start getting up earlier at home to boil some beans and rice for breakfast- that would be a different kind of love. The beans are always black beans, heavily salted and sometimes tossed with diced red pepper or coriander. Reading all the guidebooks I was pretty sure that I would not be interested in   CR culinary attributes but so far we’ve managed to find a few gems. Besides, anything can be jazzed up with some hot sauce or salsa. But my favourite things have been the fruits- avocadoes, pineapples, bananas and oh the limes! The limes are something to write about! They are round and knobbly and smell much more like the kaffir limes of Thailand. Inside they are a much deeper yellow/orange colour and the taste is less sour but much more intense. Perfect for salsas and mojitos. Speaking of which, it’s got to be time for a drink!

Hola amigos!

peurto veijo

The thing about traveling is that things always go wrong. Don would argue that this makes things interesting- but being the control freak that I am, I find little to interest me but lots that irritates. Such as, discovering en route that I was being taken to the wrong airport, or finally arriving at the right airport only to discover that the man I had only five days prior committed my unwavering love too had left his passport at home. The fact that I had asked him three times if he had it was really the just the crux of my annoyance.  They do say there is a fine line between love and hate and whilst Don dashed home like a scolded puppy, I sat and contemplated  a line in my brother-in-laws wedding speech. It went something along the lines of: “statistically, you’re looking into the eyes of the person most likely to murder you”.

Needless-to-say, we made our flight to Costa Rica, which is lucky for Don really as I was intent on catching the plane regardless of whether he made it back in time or not. As far as I’m aware there was no clause in my vows saying I had to miss the plane on my honeymoon because I’d married a cretin. That said, nearly a week into our trip and I can hardly find a complaint- white water rafting down the pacuare river, swimming in crystal clear jungle pools, rappelling down waterfalls, relaxing in hammocks and body surfing in the warm carribbean sea. I could get used to this. The travel bug that had layed dorment in me for the past few years is officially back- bed bugs and flight bookings to airports further away from our next location than the one we just left included….

Back up and running…sort of


It’s been a while, trust me I know. I have had several reminders- enough anyway to make me feel suitably guilty for my lack of blog attention. But there has been this one other thing that kept jumping in my way an obstacle of sorts with enormous to-do lists to boot. Nothing major really, nothing life-changing- just went and got myself hitched, that’s all. And boy do these weddings take up a lot of time! Something had to give, and I’m afraid what with a diet of unsalted egg whites, chicken breasts and lettuce leaves over the last 2 months- I had very little to inspire me to cook let alone write. But the diet is officially over- and there are few better feelings in the world than coming off a boring diet of blandness. Ahh, I can breathe again. And I can visit the biscuit tin-just every so often.

But, oh what a glorious day it was! Perfect sunshine on a beautiful English summers day in the sweetest little church, where Don and I said our vows followed by champagne on the grounds of a Georgian-built school with croquet and picnic blankets, an ice cream stand, and hog roast to keep energy levels up for dancing a Ceilidh! All that plus 115 of your closest friends and family- what could be better?! Well, a one month jaunt to Costa Rica, leaving today- could possibly tie for first place or come in at a close second. Don and I are off today, equipped with hiking boots, rain coats, swimsuits and head torches. So, I can’t honestly say what my postings will be over the next four weeks- but I do promise that I am back up and running and in search of Latin American inspiration.


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