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A RECIPE: Whole grain tomato tart

Some recipes are more simple than they seem on paper- or more complicated that they look in the picture. This recipe is both. It’s wonderfully simple but there are several parts to it- usually a big turn the page and move on implication for me. But don’t walk away just yet- at least let me try to convince you that this recipe is worth more than a glance.

Firstly, you will need to make the pastry-or you can buy perfectly good pastry these days in the supermarket so if the thought of making pastry makes you jittery outsource this to your local shop. It need not be whole grain and puff pastry will work just fine.

Secondly, you will need to slow cook tomatoes in the oven- which I won’t lie, takes time- but so little effort for such magnificent results. I recommend tripling the batch and using the remaining tomatoes in salads, soups, stews or even just on their own.

Lastly, you will need to caramelise onions- which can be done faster than you think and again I would make a double or triple batch and use the remaining onions for soups, pizzas, sandwiches or freeze them.

All of a sudden a seemingly long-winded recipe becomes as simple as it looks. Pastry, slow roasted tomatoes, caramelised onions, goats cheese and basil- a winning combination. If there was speed dating for food- these guys would be fighting over each other at the end of the night.

And now I sense an imminent tantrum erupting over working with pastry but take your 10 breaths and chill because this requires such minimal effort that I might even trust Don to have a go. This is the man who has not made me a single great cup of tea in over three years of dating. This is an upside down tart which means that you need not fret about neatly lining a tart tin, soggy pastry or blind baking- working with pastry does not get simpler than this, my friends.

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A RECIPE: Vegan chocolate chip cookies


The lifestyle of a vegan appeals to me, as equally does a lifestyle of eating out of a rubbish bin. I’m not criticising and I’m not saying it’s wrong to live as a vegan- it’s just not for me. I like meat and I like cheese, end of story. But just because I’m not vegan, doesn’t mean that I’m not up for trying vegan foods and it was shock, horror and a little head spinning that took place when I discovered that these cookies were not only vegan but they were also some of the best cookies that I’ve ever made in my life. Who knew a cookie without butter and eggs could be better than an “okay, considering it’s healthy” cookie? I have to give credit where credit is due, begrudgingly though it is- the idea came from the Skinny Bitch in the Kitch vegan cookbook (which no I did not buy, I was given because nobody else at work wanted it).

The book itself irritates me by the very recipe titles alone- why call something “chicken salad” if it’s made using a substitute soy product made to look like chicken. For those who don’t know what a vegan is- let me give you the dictionary definition: ‘a person who omits all animal products from their diet’ and this includes dairy products, eggs and honey. The whole concept of the book rests on the idea that if you cut out meat, dairy and foods with preservatives that you eat then you will be healthier and slimmer (and it implies that the lack of animal in you life will also turn you into a bitch). It’s a nice concept and the book, which is a follow up recipe book to Skinny Bitch, is funny and the recipes straightforward. But they promote using products like soy*, of which there is great debate over and vegan cheese and veganaise which are processed just as much as normal processed cheese and mayonnaise, only without the flavour. Some of the recipes I tried like “Macaroni and four cheeses” not only looked completely indigestible but smelled fake because of the use of fake cheese. Like I said, I can respect these two skinny vegans for their discipline and principals, but I will never be one.

However, the skinny bitches do have a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, which didn’t seem all that healthy to me but having never once eaten a cookie that was marketed for people with dietary intolerances that didn’t taste of cardboard, I was compelled to try. The flavour of the cookie was promising- though I found it a little sweet for my tastes and far too greasy. So, over the past two weeks I have played around with the concept of this recipe multiple times and culinary miracle worker that I am, I ultimately have come up with a couple of far healthier versions without turning myself into a kitchen bitch or compromising on their flavour and dairy-free origins. I say versions, because I found through making slight alterations in the ingredients you could produce an entirely different texture in the cookie- and we all have a type of cookie that we like. For me, I steer away from the soft and chewy cookie- if it hasn’t got crunch and a trail crumbs strewn across my jumper when I take a bite then it’s not my kind of cookie. But you can take your pick when making the recipe below following the guidelines for omitting and adding certain ingredients.

I never thought the day would come when I would add a vegan cookie to my top baking recipes of all time, let alone a relatively healthy one- but here it is, dairy free and ever so addictive. The coconut oil gives a wonderful natural flavour make sure that you use it when it’s in it’s solid form in a jar, like all oils it can melt. I recommend making them only when you have company or you may find your hands wandering to the biscuit tin a little too often- and that might make you a fat bitch in the kitch.

* for more on arguments against soy

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