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A RECIPE: Volcanic roasted marshmallows

volcanic roasted marshmallows

Volcanic Roasted Marshmallows

This recipe requires a certain level of fitness, a marginal amount of strength and a whole lot of nerves. Good luck!

Difficulty: This is only for adventurous cooks

Diet Facts: a long hike to the volcano will make all marshmallow calories negligable




1/ Go to a country that permits you to hike up active volcanoes (this recipe was developed on the Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala) and take along a pack of marshmallows and a long stick.

2/ Hike up the volcano- making sure to check with guides which side of the volcano you can go to in order to avoid being killed by gasses or lava flow.

3/ Get to the top of volcano and watch out for balls of molten rock as you skewer your marshmallow on a very long stick. Hold directly over lava or if no lava then hold into an opening in the volcanic rock. Watch carefully as it will burn quickly. Make sure that you keep an eye on your feet at all times which could also potentially burn quickly.

4/ Eat and get the hell out of there before it blows.

A RECIPE: Coconut krispies


Who hasn’t swooned over a Rice Krispie Treat in their life? They were certainly a prominent feature at all my school sports matches growing up and when I made them for my cousins last year they thought I was a some sort of culinary genius (bless their easy-to-please-sweet-toothed-souls). I thought my Aunt Nicky had really outdone me when she invented the Rice Krispie Treat avec Cadbury’s Caramel bars- now this was definitely a genius idea but I have no sooner learnt that Rice Krispie treats are more diverse than one would think. The other day at work we had to make Rice Krispie Treats (my job can be so challenging sometimes) and it bought back all these wonderful memories- sometimes it only the trashiest of recipes that are the most memorable. Being who I am though, I couldn’t possibly publish a recipe that was on the back of a box of cereal- it had to be altered, and that’s when I noticed the bottle of coconut oil, staring down at me, glistening enthusiastically in the sun.

Okay, okay so I admit that I’ve taken this whole coconut oil obsession a tad too far. And so, I promise you that this is the last of the recipes (at least for the time being). I do hate having half empty jars in my cabinets though and this finished the last of it off and so now I can move on to something else. This is hardly a recipe anyway- but it makes a wonderful afternoon treat and I even managed to stay away from adding chocolate, so it’s dairy free for all you intolerant people. If you don’t like the coconut oil, then suit yourself and replace with butter (you traditionalist you).

Continue reading ‘A RECIPE: Coconut krispies’

A RECIPE: Marshmallow snowballs


We all have a little kid inside of us (no I’m not pregnant) and for me this recipe, which is barely a recipe at all brings out the inner child in me in all its childish glory. I actually filched it from my old flat mate in college, Anita, and despite the fact that this was long after I made the proverbial jump from childhood to young adulthood (where I will henceforth remain) it nevertheless has stuck with me. Anita used to make these in the actual tin of condensed milk and I remember it oozing out over the side of the tin and all over her fingers as she stirred in the Digestive Biscuit crumbs. She made them every weekend that we were stuck in the University theatre rehearsing and as for myself (Auntie Annie) I would bake off something new and chocolatey. Pour Anita never stood a chance at getting anywhere near the oven with all my cooking for bake sales and classmates birthdays.

I won’t suggest that you should go and serve these at a fancy dinner party but for fun treat at parties, sporting events or cake sales, these are really simple- especially for baking phobics! Don thinks that they should be served with a dipping bowl of dark chocolate- which I haven’t tried but I can’t help but think that this is a marvelous idea. If you’re afraid of getting your hands dirty then take a seat and find somebody to make them for you- because you don’t want to miss out. Continue reading ‘A RECIPE: Marshmallow snowballs’

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