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Crepecake roll-ups

crepecake roll ups

I seem to have a thing with rolled-up food at the moment. My mouth clearly thinks knives and forks are overrated-hands are the perfect shovel-it-in accessory.  Or perhaps it’s just that I eat far too many meals when I’m working. I’m not and advocate for working whilst you eat- but we all know sometimes it just, well, it’s unavoidable. And at other times- eating with your hands is just way more cool. Talk about being in touch with your food.

I’ve called these crepecakes because they are a cross between a pancake and a crepe. One of my oldest and dearest friends Robin introduced me to them and call me cheesy but it was love at first bite. I’ve invited myself over to her house on countless occasions since for crepes- and as a true friend she’s happy to oblige, even putting the coffee on too. Robin, you’ll note still calls them crepes but I think that’s deceptive. Not that you’ll find yourself unpleasantly deceived- but deceived nevertheless. They are based on a crepe recipe, though- from the Joy of Cooking, so I’m led to believe. Robin’s father took it upon his gifted self to alter the recipe and they morphed magnificently into crepecakes. I love how that happens.

They are thicker than a crepe but thinner than a pancake and I think they’re just divine. You can serve these anyway you like- my favourite is  to spread them with a layer of peanut butter, top with apples cut into matchsticks and rolled up. Don likes to fill his with crispy bacon, sharp cheddar and a drizzle of honey. Either way- you’re on to a good thing!  More recently Robin’s been making them gluten and dairy free and I think they’ve become something even better. She never actually gave me the recipe- I’ve been hassling her for about two years now- but never-you-mind, this is pretty darn close. Although I have to admit, they taste so much better when an old friend makes them for you.

I’m back off to West Virginia tonight for 3 1/2 weeks so please bare with me I will try to post as often as possible!

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A RECIPE: American Pancakes


I’m struggling with a chronic state of indecision. It used to pain me as a kid that my sister could never decide over what flavour ice cream to get and now here I am unable to decide what I really want to eat for breakfast- when I’m hung-over. Last week I was asked where to go for a good English breakfast in New York and it got me thinking- a dangerous mind-set. So far I’ve managed to stand on one side of the pond over all food related issues, whether it be the London bias or the New York bias. But all I could come up with this time was ‘I love New York Diners- but I could murder an English now that you’ve mentioned it’!

I suppose it is possible to love two things equally- indeed when I’ve been questioned in the past on which country I love best I’ve been lost for an answer. But when I set out to write this blog I wanted to state my opinions about which country is better for what and I wasn’t prepared to be stumped only 3 months in.

That is until I started going out for breakfast in New York. After a boozy night out in London who can resist a tasty fry-up- eggs dripping in bacon fat, bread fried in bacon fat, bacon in bacon fat, tomatoes… mushrooms…beans (naturally); you get my drift. But in New York, post-drinking you can go to breakfast and order stacks of pancakes topped with fried eggs, waffles mounded with fruit and yogurt, French toast drenched in syrup or a freshly baked bagel stuffed full of eggs and processed cheese. I could even enjoy this option sober and hangover-free. And yet, I’m torn. I could sit and argue that boiled eggs and soldiers are better in London or that Crispy bacon is better in New York than London but those are just components of the bigger issue.

So, in my troubled little head I’ve been laying out the criteria for what is required for breakfast having visited the Porcelain God the night before (whether it was you paying penance or holding back the hair of your friend as they do.) A hangover breakfast needs to be fat based. Both score ten’s here. They need some sort of fruit or vegetable (so you don’t feel too guilty), both score full marks again. They need carbohydrate to absorb any leftover vodka shots swirling around your belly. Tied. They need to be drenched in sauce for ease of swallowing, draw. You need a limited choice because too much thinking is not desirable to a delicate head. Ah hah- perhaps there is something to be said for the UK- all you need to say is ‘full English’. In a diner you are faced with far too many choices, including lunch options and it’s all rather a headache- which you already have. In New York you do get unlimited coffee refills- but fall headfirst when it comes to making a good cup of brew. I think what I’m trying to say here is that I can’t make a decision here- but please don’t loose faith I can assure you that my opinionated self will return for my next instalment.

I’m leaving you with a pancake recipe- not because I’m biased but because I can’t write a recipe for and English fry-up (but you can check out Good Food January 2007 issue for my one pan English breakfast recipe!).

These pancakes are fluffy and filling and perfect served with raspberries, bacon and maple syrup (and there you have all the main food groups). Buy grade B maple syrup, as it’s less refined giving it more flavour- it’s also cheaper (now I’ve got you taking note.)

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