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no recipe- just nori wraps

nori rolls

Lunch doesn’t really do it for me. Don’t get me wrong- my tummy gets its growl going but I just don’t get enthused for lunches offerings. I know that it doesn’t have to be that way but lunch is usually at work- and often it’s eaten standing at the stove. On the rare (but totally decadent) occasion that I do get to sit and prop my clogs up I’m faced with a crew lunch, which is a far cry, wail and a few stomping fists away from the glamour one would expect on a TV set.

If it comes to ordering out the absolute last thing I will choose for lunch is a sandwich. It’s not that I don’t love a good sandwich, tuna and salad, extra banana peppers, hold the mayo they just don’t love me. If I go the devil route and eat that sandwich I will find myself suddenly slipping off into a peaceful snooze. And it’s hard to enjoy a post lunch snooze when you have someone screaming for a reset down the walkie. So, I stay away from sandwiches- they are my rainy day lunch at home when I know all I have to comply with is a 6ft 3 husband who also wants the couch.

This is something slightly different though- it’s not a wrap with a tortilla but with a toasted sheet of nori. It’s my kind of make-at-home sushi- which doesn’t involve a bamboo mat or a Japanese name. Just toasted nori stuffed with well, whatever your little heart desires. It’s the perfect lunch when you’re pottering around the kitchen all day with lots of little bits of tasters or leftovers that you can stuff inside.

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Quick Fix: Brie & prosciutto grilled cheese


I have a new toy which has made me just a little bit overexcited. Actually I have two new toys and the best part about my toys is that you are going to benefit from them. Those are the only gifts I really like after all- the one where giver and receiver equally benefit from said gift. It brings a whole new level of joy to the actual giving of the gift- like giving yourself a present every time you give someone else a present. It’s a policy I firmly stand by and it works in several ways. I give Don a shirt because I want to see him wear something other than a polo with his school logo on it. I give my sister a weekend in New York because it’s really like giving myself a fun weekend in New York. If I go to a dinner and I’m asked to bring along something- I bring something that I know I want to eat. I give my doorman cookies because I want him to hold my keys when I go running. Some may call this bribing, I prefer to call it gifts with benefits.

My little gifts with benefits are a new camera- the Canon Rebel EOS and a photo studio light so I can snap away at all times of the day. Gone are the days where I have to worry about the lights or the sun and Don will be given a deserved rest from sun blocking duty. And for you, my dearest readers- it means a new series called quick fixes. It’s what I’m cooking on the weeknights, which means it’s quick and easy because like most people I can’t face much time in the kitchen after work. Most of the recipes will keep the ingredients flexible and I’ll keep the recipe format simple. This week it’s a brioche grilled brie and prosciutto sandwich- something that I made in ten minutes for Don when he thought he was dying of the flu (it was actually just a minor cold but he’s a sensitive soul, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt).  This is trashy gourmet at it’s finest.

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