It’s hard to get homesick in New York, when it’s so easy to find the foods from home. Most supermarkets in the city will stock the staples and whilst I haven’t yet found a place to buy jam doughnuts everything else is easy to come by- be it at a higher price than home. Please let me know of other places, so I can check them out.
Zabars stocks Marmite, Heinz baked beans, Sharwood curry pastes, orange squash and also has a great selection of jams, honeys, chutneys and cookware but the narrow isles can be tedious so get there early.

2245 Broadway (b/w 80th and 81st Sts)


Fairway is like marmite- you love it or you hate it. At 6am I love it and at any other time when it is packed tighter than a beehive with other saavy shoppers, I hate it. It has a fairly good British food section, with unbeatable prices and generally very helpful staff.

2127 Broadway (74th St) 1/2/3 72nd st.


2328 12th Avenue (b/w 132nd and 133rd Sts.) 1 to 125th Street


Everything you need for making curries and a yummy little deli shop upstairs too boot.

123 Lexington Avenue (between 28th and 29th) 212-685-3451

Myers of Keswick

Myers of Keswick is a little gem in the village- like a corner shop in London, the prices are high but they have the best sausages in town and accents from home.

634 Hudson Street (between Horatio and Jane Streets) A/E/C/L to 14th St/8th Ave

Tea and Sympathy
For high tea this is the place to be and don’t forget to stop next door to stock up on Cadbury’s chocs.

108 Greenwich Avenue (between 12th & 13th streets)

Sahadis Importing Co.

Just what it says it is. Imported foods and a great selection of nuts/dried fruits and olives sold by weight.

187 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, Ny 11201 (718)624-4550

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