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CHEF’S TIP: Grilling sweet corn

Chef Gavin Kaysen

Corn on the grill is great. Corn stuffed with a herb butter on the grill is pure genius. But how exactly does one go about stuffing corn? Executive chef of Café Boulud and recent James Beard award winner for “Rising star chef 2008”, Gavin Kaysen shares this weeks chef’s tip. First, to avoid the husks burning on the grill, soak your sweetcorn cobs still in their husks in water for 30 minutes. Peel back the husks (leaving them still in tact), pull out and discard the stringy stuff (the corn silk) and rub the corn evenly with a generous coating of herb butter. Pull the husks back over the buttered corn and place on a hot grill.

And to answer the more pressing question I know you’re all wondering- yes, he’s happily married.

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